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The talent who entered the 2019 SWDDS Awards weren’t pulling any punches. We were knocked for six by the bold, brilliant and ballsy work you sent us – more proof that the South West is best (as if we needed it).

We founded the SWDDS Awards because we believe all creatives are hungry for success – especially those just leaving university. We want to help them take a step up into the industry, and gain some relevant experience, too.


2019’s brief was … well, anything, really.
We only had three criteria:

  1. It had to fit one of the three awarding categories: GRAPHIC DESIGN, DIGITAL DESIGN or CREATIVE DIGITAL DEVELOPMENT

  2. It had to be commercially creative – if it don’t return big ‘bucks, you’re outta luck

  3. The reasoning behind it had to be justifiable.

And in return?

We were offering a total of £6,000 and a rather nifty trophy, plus the opportunity to intern at P+S in Bristol – invaluable experience for any budding creative.

So, our finalists came to sunny Bristol for the day to face our judges and tell them exactly why they deserved that cold hard cash (and the other stuff, obvs)…


Our winners 2019


Category: Digital Design

Winner: Emma McKell
Project: Second Chance

Not only is Emma’s work beautiful, it’s also responding to a huge problem the world faces. She rooted her designs in some pretty hard-hitting facts – for example, if food waste was a country, it would be the third-most greenhouse gas polluting country in the world.  

Emma’s idea for the ‘Second Chance’ app was executed beautifully to maximise people’s engagement, and the series of complementary ad concepts were charming. She deserved the win!


Category: Graphic Design

Winner: Claire Dunford
Project: Losing it. Lost it. Loser.

We’ve all been there. Someone’s winding you up. They can’t stop criticising your work, and then all of a sudden in your client meeting they take credit for it. Then they make a little snide jab at your choice of shirt today, and your boss laughs, and they’re both to-and-froing about it and then Bossman slaps Idiot Colleague on the back and UGH, YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!

Claire’s Losing it. Lost it. Loser. based on losing it on the tennis court is a work of art. Part sporting history, part self-help-gone-wacky, one thing’s for sure – our judges loved this completely new take on both sport and emotion, and the media used to visually entwine the two.



Our Ultimate Creative


Winner: Emma Proven
Project: Lanka

Sri Lankan street food is the top food trend for 2019 – and this project made it clear why. Emma’s use of colour, texture and bold typography made for a perfect balance of traditional flavour mixed with modern cooking.

More than anything, we could see these on the shelf – and being a hit seller. That’s the commercial part of our brief totally nailed. The design looks authentic yet modern – and this project was well deserving of our Ultimate Creative prize.


Glitz. Glamour. Gazeboes.


(Okay, just one gazebo. But it was really big.)

Take a glimpse at our night-in-action.


Error 404: Award winner not found


Did you notice the missing category?

For the SWDDS Awards, we had three awarding categories. Graphic Design, Digital Design, and an award for Creative Digital Development.

The Creative Digital Development award was on offer for a student working on an interactive technology concept. So, it might have been a game, an app or a website.  

Same rules applied – justification, a commercial need, beautiful design.

Unfortunately … we didn’t find a winner for this category.

We know the talent is out there. We know our students of the South West are brimming with it.

Do you know next year’s champion?

We are looking for a creative digital prodigy. Spread the word.


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