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What’s it all about?

Stepping out and stepping up

It’s about giving you that all-important first step out of education and into the creative industry. It’s about helping you to step up and start thinking like a professional designer or developer. 

The categories

Graphic design

Offline design projects. Think 2D, 3D or print creative.


Digital design

Online digital design projects. Think animation, video, web design and digital graphic design.


Creative digital development

Development that incorporates visuals. Think websites, online tools, digital games and apps.



Any work that doesn’t contain some element of graphic/digital design or visual digital development – for example, performing arts – will not be eligible.

The brief

There isn’t one!

Submit something you’ve already created. Or create something new that you love.

It can be anything you want, as long as it fits into one of our three categories and meets the criteria set out in our entry guide. Simple.


What can I win?

3 victors. 1 ultimate champion.

Upon submitting your entry, you’ll automatically be in the running to win your category (obvs).

But there’s more…

You’ll also be eligible for our bonus prize, awarded to the ultimate champion across all categories.



Each category winner will receive… 

£1,000 in cold hard cash-monaye

The ultimate winner will also receive…

A £3K cash bonus + 3-month paid work placement


Entries are now closed!

Thank you to all who’ve taken part. Our first round of judging will take place on 16 May. After which, all entrants will hear back from us without delay.

Good luck to those who’ve submitted their creations!


Judgement Day

23 May

All finalists will be invited to the Proctor and Stevenson HQ in Bristol. (And your travel and expenses paid for.)

Here you’ll each be given a 30-minute opportunity to talk the judges through your masterpiece, and convince them that the prize should be yours!

(Don’t worry, our judges are lovely people. This isn’t Dragon’s Den. There’ll be none of that good-cop, bad-cop crap. This is merely the chance for us to get to know you better, and for you to say what you want to say, the way you want to say it.)


Where is it all happening?


Of Banksy, Wallace and Gromit, and ‘Cheers Drive!’ fame. Oh, and pies. Lots of good pies.



Judgement Day will take place at P+S HQ

Finalists will join us on 23 May in Bristol at Proctor and Stevenson’s Old Printworks building. (Travel and expenses will be paid for, never fear!)


You can find us in Easton – the vibrant, up-and-coming creative quarter of the city. Gert lush!

Proctor + Stevenson

The Old Printworks
178 Easton road
United Kingdom




Bob Mytton
Creative Director, Mytton Williams

Paul Bird
Creative Director, Elixel

Hayley Brooksbank
Head of Communications and Brand, Osborne Clarke LLP


Chris Roberts
Creative Director, Image and Identity, Dyson


Dan Hardaker
Head of Digital Design, P + S

Ross Gratton
Head of Frontend Development, P + S


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